His soothing voice and talent with the guitar in “Brother James” promises a beautiful EP to look forward to.”

The Hook Journal

Three Strands is sort of his own Walden Pond, his cabin in the woods where he goes to break things down and get back to basics with a more stripped-down sound.”

Joe Ulrich WITF

What makes the release particularly exciting is Cox’s willingness to experiment, using folk as the foundation to create dynamic soundscapes that borrow from several styles.”

Gerard Longo, Lehigh Valley Underground

Three Strands

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The gap between faith and unbelief, for some, can seem like a vast sea. It is here where Three Strands’ songs tend to reside. Love, loss and community have a looming influence over what we find true and good. Through honest and simplistic arrangements and strong influences from the American folk revival as well as early gospel and blues traditions, Three Strands is a project that exists to dredge those deep waters in search for the strands that unite us all.


Long Bio

Three Strands is a project started by Lancaster-based singer/songwriter Sean Cox in the winter of 2016. After a five year tenure fronting the Philadelphia-based folk/rock quintet "The Band of Rivals", He began working on a small collection of songs that, due to their more delicate and narrative nature, fell outside his then band's sound. 

In the early spring of 2017, He began pre-production on a debut EP under the moniker Three Strands. It was during this time that The Band of Rivals disbanded which allowed Sean to fully focus on this new project.

The debut EP titled "Letters to the Light" was released in July, 2017 and is populated with tales of loss, love and ultimate redemption set against honest and simplistic arrangements. The music draws heavily from the American Folk revival as well as early gospel and blues traditions.

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